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Innovo feature in the December 2016 edition of Print Solutions

Innovo Packaging Technology Ltd has recently featured in the December edition of Print Solutions Magazine, a market leading publication for the printing and packaging industry, by Earth Island publishing.

The Article features information regarding Comexi’s new generation of flexograph presses and goes into more detail about how the F1, which incorporates a robot capable of automatically manipulating all the sleeves that intervene in the printing process, can benefit users from cost efficiency, customised production and work safety.  (more…)

F1 Power: New from Comexi

Comexi’s new generation of flexographic presses includes the F1, which incorporates a robot capable of automatically manipulating all the sleeves that intervene in the printing process (PC, intermediate, anilox) and which is fully integrated into the process.

Comexi’s new flexographic press is an evolution of the company’s previous F1, its successful large format press, with more than 50 units sold.

The latest F1 is now an advanced solution which answers the biggest problems derived from job changeovers. This is usually a heavy task for the operators due to the large dimensions and weight of the sleeves. It takes up time! (more…)

Comexi receives a LíderPack Award

Comexi, specialist in machinery for the flexible packaging converting industry, has been awarded in the LíderPack Awards for its innovative combination of Cingular Laser technology and lamination in register. The jury prized the group for the development of the most outstanding innovation of the year in packaging processes and/or machinery. (more…)

ENULEC® In-Line Static Measurement

In-Line Static Measurement working together with ENULEC® active antistatic bars are a serious solution for the entire converting process from the manufacturing of the Film through Printing and Coverting.  The high voltage corona process often used on film production lines effectively changes the surface dyne level while leaving behind charge deposits that impede and trap beneath the film surface.  (more…)

New ESA Roto Film PRO



NEW ESA ROTO Film-PRO the latest in new developments from ENULEC® enables gravure printers to safely print onto film with an exclusive capacitance free technology that effectively penetrates ESA through all types of film substrates with a dynamically balanced charge program designed to counteract the double layer charge that can exist in films throughout the printing and converting processes. (more…)

ENULEC® ESA for Film

ESA for film is a popular solution for optimized gravure cell evacuation and improved print quality. Growth of ENULEC installations onto existing rotogravure lines specifically for printing film substrates accounts for approximately 80% of systems delivered while 20% are derived from the requirements of the rotogravure paper sector. (more…)