Praxair Surface Technologies




Praxair Surface Technologies (PST) have appointed Innovo Packaging Technology Ltd (Innovo) as their Sales Representative in the markets of the UK and Ireland for their range of market leading ceramic coated laser engraved sleeves and rollers.


In 1979, Praxair Surface Technologies created the anilox roll industry by producing the world’s first laser-engraved ceramic roll. For more than a quarter of a century, printers and converters around the world have turned to Praxair for anilox rolls and coatings that fit their application and offer longer service life, reduced downtime and greater productivity.

PST have three purpose built anilox production facilities around Europe in Germany, France & Italy.

PST is the ONLY supplier to perform EVERY step in the production process, including:

  • Making their own coating powders and gases
  • Developing their own coating technology and equipment
  • Engraving and finishing in-house

Market segments and applications served by PST ceramic coated laser engraved rollers and sleeves include:

Carrier bag

Coating & laminating Applicators

Corrugated (pre- and post-print)


Flexible packaging

Folding carton

Liquid carton / aseptic packaging

Metal decorating


Printed electronics


Single use (nonwoven, tissues, towels, cups)

Tag and label

Wall coverings

Proline® Series Roll Engravings

Exceptional coverage and coating combined with fast clean-up for better productivity.


Proline 60°, most popular pattern suppresses moiré effects and delivers easy ink transfer and uniform cell structure

Novaline™ Series Roll Engravings

High-quality laser engravings are designed to let rolls run cleaner longer.


Nova™ Gold, Developed for high-density flexo printing, particularly high-definition flexible, paper and corrugated packaging

There are many more engravings to be considered, especially for coatings and UV applications. follow this link and click on the attached screen selection guide for more details or contact Innovo to arrange a meeting.

Innovo / Praxair would be grateful to be considered for your new and repair business and look forward to being of service to you in the near future.