100% Inspections Systems, Web Viewing Systems, On-press Spectrophotometry with Colour Control software & Automatic Press Register Control Systems

QuadTech Inc was founded in 1979 to support parent company Quad/Graphics, the second largest commercial printer in the Northern Hemisphere with 71 plants in 9 countries. Since inception QuadTech has developed into a supplier of quality systems for Web Inspection, Register Control and Colour Control for the Packaging, Converting, Commercial Printing, Newspaper Printing and Gravure Publication markets with over 9000 installation in over 100 countries worldwide.


100% Inspection systems can be used for monitoring defects including, splash, streaks, missing print, register, colour variation to name a few on flexible packaging, folding carton, label, corrugated board, paper sacks substrates plus more.


On press Spectrophotometry with Patented web stabilization technology can be linked to Colour Control software to give closed loop control of ink colour matching for reduced set up waste.

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